Under normal boozing conditions I would normally imbibe that stalwart of pub fare – beer. I’m normally a bitter drinker but I’m also partial to some of those “exotic” concoctions that appear from Europe, the ones with almost unpronounceable names and high alcohol content. These usually taste delicious but leave me wanting to drill the pain from my head come the morning after.

Vodka, however, appears not to have such debilitating factors. I’ve had vodka before of course, but I’ve never really considered it as a drink to maintain throughout the evening. This weekend saw my initiation (a bit late I know) into vodka shots, something that entertained me for a few hours last night at Revolution, a Vodka and Food Bar in lovely Nottingham.

They had a fantastic selection of shot “sticks” – six flavoured vodka shots straight from the freezer and for the nicely cheap cost of £8. I shared a few of these along with some Staropramen for good measure – I can’t give up the beer completely of course. The shots were fantastic! My favourite was the blackjack-flavoured one – just like penny chew but in liquid form and with a vodka kick.

I will definately be doing that again, though it would be really easy to get completely trashed in an hour or so without making much effort. I’d probably consider sticking to beer but then enjoying the odd shot or six when fancied.

The shot-fest was preceded by a visit to the world’s smallest cinema, the Screen Room. It’s a cheeky little cinema near to the Broadway cinema in Nottingham and houses and impressive 22 seat-capacity screen. It’s tiny! We say A History of Violence, which I thought was an excellent film.

I’d never been to either of these places before yesterday, and I’ve lived in this area for over five years now. It’s amazing what you find when you go for a wander.

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