I was very drunk at the time

This weekend saw me take part in the Butlins Mineworkers Brass Band Contest set in the magnificent vistas of Butlins in Skegness. This event enabled me to imbibe an abnormally large quantity of alcoholic beverages over a period of three days while still finishing third in the second section.

We were pleased with the result – third is an excellent prize to win in such a big contest like this – but as we were defending champions there was also a sense of disappointment. Well done to Kippax for winning – by all accounts their performance deserved the top prize. Let’s hope that we meet them at the National Finals later in the year!

The rest of the weekend was spent listening to the Championship Section bands and getting pissed. Sadly, I couldn’t do both at once but at least the break between beers gave my liver chance to recover. The top section contest was excellent. There were some fantastic bands on display and some wonderful performances of the Kenneth Downie composition St Magnus, which must turn out to be a modern classic piece. It’s a masterpiece and very difficult to boot. Most bands gave it a good go though.

The entertainments part of the contest was brilliant also, especially Redbridge’s performance of King of Heaven by Kenneth Downie, another piece of music based on a hymn but an utterly wonderful set finisher. I’m really going to get a copy of that from somewhere.

I thought that Mount Charles were going to win the overall contest but they finished much lower down that. A bit of a surprise to me (I thought they were excellent) but I’m no adjudicator, and as they say: “that’s banding”. Well done to Polysteel (Flowers) for winning – they were also superb.

I’ll definately be back next year.

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