I was never this good at school

Education is a funny thing. I did OK at school without really pressing myself too hard. I was lazy but still managed to scrape through my O- and A-levels.

I suspect that if I was to redo all these exams now that I’d be able to apply myself so much better and get much-improved marks.

I say this because I’ve now completed three of the five assignments for my Open University module and I’ve somehow managed to achieve 90% and over for each assignment.

TMA ScoresI’m rather pleased at that. The course has managed to strike a number of points of interest for me, and this has helped my motivation to learn. I’ve been a little time poor recently but I’ve managed to cram in enough work to achieve these rather decent marks despite my less-than-perfect time-management skills.

I could just not do the next two assignments at all and still pass! They look interesting, though, and I also want to maintain this same level of success.

No doubt later modules will be much harder but this has been quite an encouraging start to my Open University education.

By rutty

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