I used to be indecisive

… but now I’m not so sure.

OK, I’ll admit it. That’s a really old joke but it does kind of sum-up my approach to this blog’s design. I find a theme I like, try it out, decide to keep it and perhaps make a few changes to personalise it. The problems start when I see something else I quite like, my mind is changed and a new theme is attempted.

Such a time is approaching once more.

I’ve already tried two themes and I really like this Redoable theme, however it was written for earlier versions of WordPress and it seems that there are a few little niggles cropping up. For starters, the sidebar formatting isn’t quite right (there’s a redoable graphic that overlays some of the text) and the comment flood protection is a little over-enthusiastic. It’s supposed to stop the same person from commenting twice in less than fifteen seconds but it prevents anyone (even me!) from commenting twice in some indeterminately long period. I’ve changed the theme temporarily and this fixes it, so it’s definitely caused by Redoable.

This is a shame. Even though I hardly ever get anyone commenting more than once at a time it needs to be fixed so I went looking to see if anyone else had the same problem. There’s no mention of it on the redoable page although there’s a WordPress support thread that suggests that some themes cause similar problems.

However, in my quest for a solution I’ve found some alternative themes that might be nice to try out. I say “themes” but they’re really a bunch of skins for a single theme – Sandbox. Now, Sandbox was a very simple theme that is easily skinnable and they’ve run a competition for designers to provide attractive and useful skins. You can go through them all at the live preview site.

Some of the designs are rather twee but there are a good few in there that I could quite fancy using. I like simple designs (a bit like me!), especially ones that I can easily adapt to my own uses.

Expect some further changes over the weekend then.

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