I survived

You’ll be pleased to know that I just about survived Pontins. I had a brilliant time there, got very drunk and met all sorts of fabulous brass banders (not necessarily in that order). Unfortunately the band I was playing for were given an appalling placing in the results (24th out of 26) that didn’t really relate to how well we played but the fact that I was in the bar at 10:30am drinking my first pint kind of took the edge off the disappointment.

The highlights for me were meeting so many people that I know from the excellent brass band forum theMouthPiece.com. They’re a bunch of stars and I had a blast playing with them, then drinking with them and then playing some more, then drinking some more. My liver won’t be forgiving me any time soon I suspect and I’m currently suffering an unspeakable retaliation by my digestive system that is a testimony to the amount of alcohol I consumed over the weekend. Not that I’m a binge drinker you understand.

Well, I don’t do these sorts of things very often and I certainly enjoyed myself. I’ll be there again next year, regardless of how shitty Pontins camp actually is. Crap camp, brilliant entertainment.

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