I miss Toronto

We built this city

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Now that I’m really starting to get into photography I’m finding that I’m thinking back over all places that I’ve been that I’d love to go back and photograph. Right at the top of this list is Toronto.

I’ve got other more compelling reasons to visit – my sister does live there after all – but I really, really want to head back there with my 400D. My old Kodak was OK, but it really didn’t do some of the architecture there any justice at all.

Toronto is one of those new cities. It’s got hardly any ancient history. It has one castle, and that’s really just a large, posh house that’s not even 100 years old. And yet it’s these new buidings, these huge, skyscrapers and condominiums that I want to go back and see.

I love big, bold statements. Don’t get me wrong, subtlety is great and I love that too, but it’s the variety and beauty and sheer size of some of Toronto’s newer buildings that appeals to me. I bloody love them!

I was looking through my old photos and found this one of some rather splendid buildings in Toronto. As I’ve been using the GIMP a lot recently I decided to have a go at converting this one into black and white.

It turns out that my old Kodak Z740 really doesn’t like having the contrast upped on it’s pictures. As soon as I moved the slider I could see loads of noise creeping in. No problem at all though, I just kept on sliding until I got this surreal image. It looks like some sort of space ship!

It looks like I won’t get the chance to go back this year, but I’ll do my level best to get over there in 2008. I’d better make sure that I’ve got a couple of spare memory cards when I do go then…

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