I just love them noodles

I’m not sure how I’ve not been to Wagamama but went there for our traditional Sunday lunch this weekend. Traditional in Japan possibly, but regardless – their noodles are quite outstanding.

I’ve visited quite a number of chain restaurants over the years and you always get the impression that the food isn’t quite as good as you’d hope for. American-themed places are good choices for burgers but they’re pretty much at the bottom of the food-chain for me. I love Italian food but you really can’t beat the real thing – in Italy. Wagamama, though, seem to have hit a fantastic niche and my expectations were more than surpassed.

I suppose my previous noodle experience has been a little limited. I’ve obviously eaten them before but they’ve usually been just “alright” – being home-cooked usually. However, the food in Wagamama was utterly delicious. I chose to have some yasai chilli men which is a spicy vegetarian dish. The ginger and chillies sauce was superb! You can buy it in-store too so I’ll definitely be picking some up before too long. I also tried out one of the sides – some delicious duck parcels in cherry hoi-sin sauce.

We’ll definitely be going again, although I suspect I may get the Wagamama recipe book and try some of these things myself. As chain restaurants go this is the best I’ve ever tasted.

2 thoughts on “I just love them noodles

  1. I’ve only found that noodles from a Chinese supermarket are any decent for cooking at home. Most of them absorb too much water. Last year I picked up an unmarked bag of noodles from a place in Liverpool, my comment being, there’s no cooking instructions as the takeaways/restaurants don’t need them. They cooked perfectly 🙂

    Zizzis is a good chain for Italian food.

  2. I’ve eaten in Zizzi – the food is great but no comparison to eating Italian food in Italy. It’s a bit of a trek out to Japan but I’m willing to make the effort in order compare and contrast these noodles ;¬)

    We have a pretty good Chinese supermarket nearby and another one in town, so I should be able to buy some decent noodles hopefully

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