I hate DRM

I’ve posted a few times in the past about my hatred for Digital Rights Management (DRM). These are restrictions placed on applications and/or hardware that are supposedly designed to prevent piracy but only end-up crippling the functionality of your legally purchased products.

If you ever wondered why you couldn’t copy back tracks from your iPod into iTunes, this is why. Apple deem you so untrustworthy as to deny you what seems to be a key feature. If a CD won’t play on your PC, then DRM is probably the cause, or perhaps it’ll silently install some software that you didn’t agree to. DVD regionalisation? That’s a form of DRM.

These “features” are being abused by companies to increase their profits while reducing the whole experience of their products of the purchaser. The pirate will still be downloading his music or films because DRM is often very easy to circumvent while those that still buy their CDs and DVDs are getting below-par and over-expensive purchases.

I was happy, therefore, to stumble upon I Hate DRM, a site dedicated to slagging off media companies determined to cripple their own products. He’s just a consumer, like you and me, and so his views are very pertinent.

The site is in it’s early days but I’m sure that there’ll be more articles to come.

(Found via BoingBoing)

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