I should be fat

I got pulses

Well, what am I still doing awake at 1am eh?

After band practice tonight we went to the pub over the road. This week I didn’t win any meat in the raffle, so knowing that I was going to have to get some food for next week I stopped off at the 24 hour Tesco Extra in Toton once I’d dropped Alan off at home (he gets a lift with me every rehearsal).

It’s good to know that there are places open to buy food late at night, so I surfed the aisles for a while and bought myself some grub.

Most of the stuff I bought lent heavily to my new hippy side. I bought bags of chick peas, haricot beans, chilli beans and cous cous, with which I’ll be making some sort of bean stew. I also got some tins of sweetcorn (why does it just pass straight through your alimentary canal?) and tomato puree to go with the chilli paste and tins of tomatoes that I already have. Should be nice with some extra meat in it of some description.

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