I am the Piemaster

I love pies. Pies are great. There’s just something about a nice pie that makes me drool and think hungry thoughts. These thoughts are not helping my current plan for healthier living though, and my pie-related longing has been increased recently by a new addition to my local social club. The new addition is a pie, or rather a selection of different, delicious pies.

I’ve had pie for my lunch every single work day for the past two weeks. I can’t help myself, these pies are so bloody nice. Shortcrust pastry, large portions of meat and lovely, lovely gravy. Today’s pie was Steak and Stilton but I at least added a healthy portion of boiled-to-death vegetables for healthy purposes.

The food in our social club can’t be described as Gordon Ramsey standard, but it’s cheap and cheerful. They’ve always had pies but just the usual single-portion jobs in silver trays. They’ve found some new type recently and they’re huge, homemade-style pies and they’re bloody lovely (did I mention that already?). I can’t help but order one every day. Every, single day. I just can’t stop!

ftp canteen
username: piemaster
cd /home/social_club/canteen
mget pie*

At least I don’t add any extra salt and I’m still running in the evening. I think I might eventually give up the pies, but I’m enjoying them too much at the moment. I could give them up any time I wanted of course. Any time at all.

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