I am a winner!

Lovely flowers

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OK, so “runner-up” would be more accurate, but I’ve attained a respectable almost-best position in a photo-competition at work.

There were three themes for this competition: nature, tranquility and motion. I entered four photos into each of the first two and failed miserably to find any motion photos.

Luckily for me I was presented with a runners-up prize for one of my nature entries – the one opposite, which shows some sort of tree or shrub branch from my “Spring” collection. Some lovely blossom there.

I won a framed version of my photo (nice and large!) plus a company t-shirt and cap. Oh yeah baby. I look great in this stuff.

In other news I’ve finally finished moving house and got my internet connected (at bloody last!) once I belatedly received my NTL broadband installation disk. This wireless connection is really solid too, so no cables for me!

The house is great – expect some photos soon.

By rutty

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  1. Failed to find any motion photos?
    You’re always reporting your motions on this blog, couldn’t you have just taken a quick snapshot before you flushed ?

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