I (almost) win again

Angel of the North

Originally uploaded by rutty.

They have a bi-annual photography competition where I work and for the second time in a row I’ve been awarded a runner-up prize.

The themes this last time around where “contrast” and “make me smile”. I had plans to take all sorts of photos for this, but in the end I didn’t have time/was too lazy.

I submitted two photos into the contrast theme only. I entered a photo of a candle and a black-and-white converted image of the Angel of the North, shown here.

The Angel photo was a bit of a stretch to go with the contrast theme, but I managed to get the runner-up prize with it anyway. Obviously black and white images have an element of contrast to them but also thought that the sculpture shows an angel and as it’s made of a heavy metal material there’s no way that it could fly. Whatever.

I got a funky little clock for my efforts, which was nice. I’ll be aiming for the top prizes next time for sure.

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