I <3 Toronto

2018 finished in style for us with a two week trip to visit my family in Toronto. I’ve always loved this city and have visited six times now: mostly because my sister, nieces and mum live there these days, but also because it’s a fabulously vibrant city.

It’s fair to say that it is a little chilly at this time of year, but we had sufficiently thick clothing to ensure we kept our nesh British meat suits from freezing up. Us Brits are just not prepared for the levels of cold frequently available in this part of the world, and even though I am a Yorkshireman with a supposedly genetic predisposition for coat avoidance I found the temperatures below acceptable levels.

My sister kept telling me it was mild for the time of year too. It didn’t feel mild to me!

Still, we had a fantastic time with family. My mum and step-dad did a great job of looking after us and Ruby particularly enjoyed her time with her cousins. Toronto is great for free sporting activities and there are numerous outdoor ice rinks around the city – all free to use. Canadians love their ice hockey and they actively encourage everyone to skate. My eldest niece spent a lot of time guiding Ruby around the local rink, quite possibly her favourite activity this holiday.

I do miss my sister in particular. She’s spent 15 years out in Toronto and while we can FaceTime it’s not quite the same as spending quality time together. I’ve been a bit rubbish at keeping touch using any medium in recent years, so perhaps 2019 might be the year that I use some of the awesome communication tools available to Internetkind to send some love over the pond. Jo has set up my Mum with Google Hangouts so we can chat whenever we want to (timezones and wifi availability permitting).

I do intend to talk more to my loved ones this year. I am not a chatty person but I do want to spend time with friends and family. It takes very little effort to do so too, especially with the tools available on our phones. No excuses: more chat this year. Promise!

In the meantime here are some photos from our trip. This is not a small number of images because there was so much to see and do! I’ve not included any photos of my Toronto family for privacy purposes, but I did occasionally take some photos of actual people. Honest.

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