Huge purple head

A guy walks into a doctor’s office with a huge purple head. The doctor sees how strange this is, and rushes the guy back to an examination room. Huge purple head or not, though, the guy seems pretty calm about everything.

“Can you tell me what happened?” the doctor asks.

“Sure,” the guy with the huge purple head replies. “I was in an antique store, and I bought an oil lamp for the next time the power goes out. After I got home, I shined up the lamp, and out popped a genie.”

“Go on.”

“The genie said I had three wishes, so for the first wish, I asked for a bank account that would never run out of money. The genie handed me an ATM card and a checkbook, and damned if it didn’t work.”

“Mmm hmm,” the doctor says, slowly scribbling notes.

“Then I wished for two pills, one to let me live forever, and one to kill me when I finally got tired of living. The genie said I was pushing it, but since his wife had just given him a hummer, he said he’d grant it. Two pills popped into the room, right on the table. He explained which was which, and I took the first one on the spot. It tasted like squash.”

“Right. And the third wish?”

“For my third wish–and this might help you; I’m not really sure–for my third wish, I wished for a huge purple head.”

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