Hot and sweaty, and not in a good way

Bloody hell, just got back from another run. I’m so out of shape at the moment it’s untrue – I’ve only run 3 miles or so and it’s nearly killed me. I’m absolutely baking hot and sweaty in all the wrong places. Hell, I’m sweaty everywhere.

Time to cool off a bit before jumping in the shower. Well, I obviously won’t be jumping into the shower, that would be dangerous, but I shall be getting carefully into the shower shortly, then sticking a pizza in the oven for my tea. I deserve pizza after eating well all week so far.

I’m presently soaking some chick-peas, haricot beans and kidney beans in some cold water, ready for me making some sort of bean casserole tomorrow. I’m going to be cooking up some cous-cous to go in that too, as well as cherry tomatoes, garlic and maybe some steamed brocolli, mange-tous and baby sweetcorn on the side. With cheesy coleslaw – that stuff goes with everything…

By rutty

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