Do people still have websites? Well, I do and this is mine. It’s not the best website on the Internet – or the most frequently updated – but it’s a thing I like to add words and photos to. Do have a look, won’t you?

Here is a selection of some of my stuff. Maybe you’ll like it.

Dave Rutt. Proprietor
  • 30 Days of Tools – Day 3
    OK, so after day 2’s rather vague questions we have something a bit more concrete for day 3: Share how you evaluate a new tool How do you discover all the things you like/dislike about a new tool? I have two main ways of doing this: by reading the reviews and by giving it a go. The absolutely best way of finding out if a tool is fit for purpose or not is to try it. I sometimes try
  • 30 Days of Tools – Day 2
    Well, that didn’t last long did it? I’m onto day 2 but I’m already six days behind. I should have predicted that I’d be doing this in my own time rather than in tandem with the challenge, but here we are. At least I’m doing day 2 rather than just mucking about on twitter. So, what are the questions for today’s challenge? What makes a tool a testing tool? What’s your definition of a testing tool? Oh, this is
  • 30 Days of Tools – Day 1
    The Ministry of Testing are my go-to place for all things testing. I have been a member there since the beginning – I was around before it emerged from The Software Testing Club – and while I read more than I post it is one of my more important social networks. It is one of those ‘work-adjacent’ places that is hugely supportive of its members, somewhere to get together and talk about all the stuff we are interested in.
  • Google Photos Test
    WordPress now allows me to use Google Photos as a Featured Image, so this post is just so that I can test that one thing. You’ll note that I have posted absolutely SOD ALL for around 18 months. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone really, but it’s just how it was. I have no excuse really, and it’s not even important. There’s been plenty going on in my life but I just didn’t feel enthused enough to write
  • The Colour of Magic: Terry Pratchett
    Ruby and I have frequent quality daughter/daddy time on an evening. We both love books and read together when we can. We’ve read all the Harry Potter books, The Hobbit, and loads of other kids’ books and now we have embarked on our biggest book series yet: all of the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. The idea was to do them in order but we didn’t actually decide this until we’d already read The Last Hero (illustrated edition), and
  • Featured Images
    Oh, I wish there was a better (or even any sensible) way of using Flickr content as a featured image on a page or post. I’d just like to be able to connect my Flickr account to WordPress and then be able to see my Flickr photos within my media library so I can add them as either a content in my posts or as a featured image. The latter is a particularly important feature for me: it’s a