Hello from Tsawwassen

Well, here we are in the Canadian town of Tsawwassen, just outside Vancouver in British Columbia.

We flew out yesterday from Gatwick on an Air Transat flight and we’re staying with friends over Christmas and New Year. The flight was great, apart from my usual problems with seat pitch. Most airlines realy don’t provide enough leg space for tall people like me and Air Transat seemed as bad as they come. I could hardly move during the flight because my knees were pretty much jammed into the back of the seat in front. Still, the cabin staff were very friendly and check-in was spectacularly efficient – not at all like the usual enormous queues you have to suffer with. They were all-together very good, although if all other things were considered equal I would choose a different airline with more legroom.

We pretty much chased sunset all the way over here and landed at 4:30pm local time. It was pissing it down – just like at home! The weather around Vancouver is generally pretty similar to the UK so we’re expecting lots of grey miserable weather – until we head up into the mountains and see a couple of feet of snow!

Naturally, the time difference has completely stuffed up our sleeping patterns. We went to bed at about 8:30pm last night (4:30am UK time) but woke up at about 4am this morning. Our hosts were obviously still in the land of nod so we ate some breakfast, drank coffee and watched some truly awful Canadian TV until they got up.

Today is shopping day while our body clocks catch. It’s a good way to avoid the rain and wind, which is pretty bad at the moment. Later in our stay we’ll be heading down to Oregon to ski and take photos of eagles.

I’m so looking forward to all this!

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