Hello 2009!

I’ve been remiss once more and almost forgotten to post anything on here for a few weeks. So, if I haven’t spoken to you over the last week or so I’d like to wish all my friends and family a very Happy New Year and hope that you had a great Christmas.

2008 has been a rather special year. I got married to an amazing woman. Nothing can top that this last year and any little niggles that may have popped up every now and again are washed away into insignificance next to the amazing day we had at Langar Hall.

We have a few hopes and wishes for 2009 and we’ll see how they work out. I’m not superstitious. In fact, I’m getting less and less inclined to believe any woo-related mumbo-jumbo – however it’d be nice if the fickle hand of luck might assist with one particular wish. OK, maybe two.

If I don’t post so much here do not despair. Life is busier than it’s ever been but I can always find time to post irreverences over at my Twitter feed. I tend to post them from my iPhone – yes, I have an iPhone! It’s amazing, if imperfect, and I’m always farting about with it when I should be doing more important things.

See you out there, or here. I promise I’ll post here more in 2009…

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