Hedgehog, originally uploaded by rutty.


So far this year I’ve taken most of my daily photos with my iPhone. It has a RUBBISH camera but using it is making me to at least try and do something interesting with the composition.

However, there’s no keeping a good dSLR down and so I’m going to aim to try and take a few more with my trusty old 400D. Like this one.

It’s not going to win me any prizes but I’ve not been out of the house all day and the weather has been dank and miserable – not much opportunity to get out there and dazzle everyone with a work of genius. So, I’m aiming to take a few pictures of important objects around the house.

This is a hedgehog from Mamas & Papas that Ruby likes. He’s covered in tags and rattles a bit when you shake him. Endless amusement!

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