Healthy eating etc

Healthy eating

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This is either going to kill me or cure me.

I’ve just returned from my second run this week. Regular exercisers will scoff at my meagre efforts but my entire run took me an extensive nine minutes. My intentions are to take it easy to start with and slowly increase the distances that I’m running so that I don’t cripple myself for days on end, like in my previous efforts to do this.

I’m finding it harder and harder to haul this old body around and so it’s time for me to think seriously about exercise, and this is the start. I’ll insert a couple of longer runs next week (my housemate is keen to run around Wollaton Lake) and I may go swimming a few times to try and do some all-round exercise.

I’m not a fan of weight training and I think that swimming may be one way of improving my obviously inadequate strength.

To enhance my internal parts I’ve really ramped up the consumption of vegetables, as can be seen by the delicious photo on the right. Roasted vegetables, hmmmmmmmm. I even had extra veg with my lunch, although I did plump for the cornish pasty today as a treat.

I do need to drink more water throughout the day too.

I’ll let you know if I start to feel any better or if I just accelerate my progress to infirmity and ultimately death.

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