Happy New Year!

It is 2019 already. So soon after 2018 too. These years are following on from each other more quickly each year.

Last year was a pretty traumatic time for the folks of planet Earth, with a huge amount of drama around. The political sphere was particularly turbulent with Trump and Brexit providing a whole load of stuff for folks to get upset about.

2018 was a pretty decent year for me and my family though, with a few (private) exceptions. If I spent a bit more time blogging I could have written about it here: on this very blog.

I didn’t, though, because my blogging muscles have been weak over the last few years. I’ve attempted to kick-start my blogging again on occasion, always with abject failure. New Year is the normal time to start a resolution to blog every day, or just ‘write more’. Well, resolutions don’t stick for me, so rather than set any particular goals I’m going to see if I can just start writing a little bit more. I like writing. I just need to start.

Happy New Year!

So, here it is – my first post of 2019. I might see if I can blog every day. If I don’t, then I don’t – I’m not going to kick myself for failing. If I’ve got nothing interesting to say, or have no time to say it, then I won’t. I do intend to write more about testing – my main work focus – and also about Agile software development. I spend a lot of time reading about both of these things so I think it will help me to better understand how I work.

I also intend to write more about systems thinking. An online friend has started collecting together some like-minded systems thinkers for collaboration purposes and it has been a long time since I’ve seriously looked at my old Open University studies. I really need to delve back into that again! Perhaps that will give me something to write about every now and again.

Whatever happens I am sure I will at least share some amusing GIFs or some brass band YouTube videos here and there. You have been warned!

Enjoy the year. It’ll be 365 days long and will contain challenges, joy, tears, laughter, boredom and excitement. There’ll be angriness over something really petty, jokes about inappropriate stuff and we’ll all get together over something unexpected. Nobody can properly predict what will happen this year, so whatever does happen do have a good one where you can. I know I will be.

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