Happy New Year

Celebrating with Guinness – Day 9

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Welcome to 2007.

So, how has 2006 been to you? I’ve had a great year all told. So many great things have happened and there’s been only one or two things that have caused me a little distress.

I’ve had some great holidays. In January we went to Rome. I absolutely adore Rome. I’ve visited some great cities over the years but Rome has really made a major impression on me. I could easily live there. The people and the food are just so fantastic, and it has to be one of the most beautiful cities anywhere in the world.

In June we visited Toronto, the third time for me and the first for my Girlfriend. It was wonderful seeing my sister and her family again and I’ll be counting the days until they visit the UK in July this year.

July saw us visiting friends around the North of England. There are so many places in the UK that we have yet to visit and we’re planning on another Tour of the North this year, maybe in June. This time we’ll be heading up into Scotland to see the Highlands, Lochs and wild men in sporrans.

The month of August saw my girlfriend suffer greatly with a serious back problem. Luckily she’s recovered now but it wasn’t so great seeing her in a hospital bed injected with morphine and other strong drugs.

My car cost me a fortune in 2006, the bloody thing. The catalytic converter melted on me while driving down the M1. I needed to replace both that and the exhaust (which was on it’s last legs anyway) plus a few other repairs to get it through it’s MOT. That’s £800 I’m not seeing again, almost as much as the bloody thing is worth in total.

December saw me achieving closure in my marriage – Decree Absolute. 2007 will see the financial settlement which might hurt, but it’ll all be done soon hopefully.

There will be a new car for me in 2007 for certain. Perhaps a nice 2 litre turbo-diesel Seat Leon which seems cheaper and better equipped then it’s rivals (Audi, Golf etc).

I’ve decided to set myself some self-improvement goals for 2007. I might have done the same thing before, perhaps nearly every year, but I made a few steps towards improving my eating habits and fitness levels this year so I’ll be pushing myself to carry that on.

I’ll also be trying to improve my photographic skills and have resolved to practice more on my cornet.

This year is going to be great, one way or another. Fate be damned, I’ll make my own fortune this year. Oh yes I will.

So, happy New year to all. Apart from the arsehole that’s stolen the wing mirror from my car this week. Twat. Hope you catch something nasty from your inevitable crack addict girlfriend. I’m nice like that.

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