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Ready for dinner

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It’s not often that I get to dress up and go to a posh event, but this is what happened last week on my Birthday. I was lucky enough to end up at a Ball in the Randolph Hotel in Oxford where I was required to hire a dinner jacket and have a shave.

As you can see from the photo I look like a waiter, but it did feel rather good to be done up in the best bib and tucker.

Due to privacy issues I should probably refrain from mentioning too much about the event, but I will say that it was a huge amount of fun. I particularly enjoyed the food, which was simple but delicious, and that fact that I got to strut my stuff on the dance-floor. My efforts at dancing clearly showed that I have limited rhythm and poor limb co-ordination. My girlfriend’s bleeding toe can testify this.

My Yorkshire instincts came to the fore when we found out how much the drinks were in there. A pint of Guinness was the best part of £4 and a bottle of Pinot Grigio came out at nearly £19. Luckily there was one of those Sainsbury Local stores around the corner and we manage to sneak in a small bottle of vodka. Cheeky, I know.

It was disappointing when the disco finished but we had a great time and I hope to be doing this again.

  1. Luckily there was one of those Sainsbury Local stores around the corner


    Only joking mate, glad you had fun!

  2. Hey! Belated Happy Birthday!

    I told Randy we might be doing some dancing, too, on his next visit here in the Philippines.

    Saw your blog from BlogShares and I was wondering why you haven’t login there since 13 months ago.

    June 6th is my birthday. I’m 46 🙂



  3. Hi there Laila and Randy! Great to see you both again – has it been 13 months since I last logged into Blogshares?

    Thanks for the birthday wishes – I’ll be sure to pop back over to Blogshares to say hello again soon 😉

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