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Hall Effect Girl

I had the pleasure of meeting some lovely new people over the weekend in Belfast. I had a great time – drank Guinness, partied till late and got rained on continously – and I’ll most definitely be going back.

One conversation caused me much amusement at the time and I just had to blog about it, while maintaining the anonymity of the guilty party. It revolved around the recent chart hit by modern beat combo chick Gwen Stefani. The new friend of mine was discussing with her daughter Ms Stefani’s new single and how she thought it was called “Hall Effect Girl”, rather than the more correct “Hollaback Girl”.

This then led her to attempt to explain the Hall Effect theory to her 11 year-old daughter. After being told about this, I then took it upon myself to try and explain the Right Hand Rule (the version you can tell a young girl without getting arrested).

I think it’d be a great idea for these pop singers to explain complex scientific theories via the medium of shite songs. I can almost hear the over-priced ringtones now.

Still, I’m not entirely sure why anyone cold possibly think that Gwen Stefani would contemplate writing a song about potential difference on opposing sides of thin conducting material.

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