Half Life 2 Deathmatch

This game has me hooked. I just love running around dying a lot, which is often the case, but this evening I’ve been sat at my PC (after band of course) shooting away and have a right old time.

Last night was a cracker though. We were whittled down to two of us left on this one server, so we decided to have a Gravity Guns-only fight. This was very funny, flinging filing cabinets, tables and PC monitors at each other rather than shooting. If you time it right you can catch what the other fella has thrown at you and throw it back.

Another player turned up and we played like that for a while. Eventually the other two decided to try and get a car into the building stairwell (one of them had already filled it up with furniture anyway) so we used the gravity guns to force the car into building, and thence up the stairs as far as we could.

It took a while, and you can see the affair HERE as I took a few screenshots along the way. It was bloody hilarious trying to get the car where we wanted it, and even funnier when we got the other car in there too.

That blocked the stairs good and proper, so we decided to get on the roof somehow, so we built ourselves a little pyramid out of furniture and tried to jump up. We didn’t quit manage it, but it was fun trying.

You know, I think I may be turning into even more of a geek than I care to admit to…

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