Had a good blow

I’ve been blowing like a good ‘un all weekend. I’m quite proud of myself ;o)

Friday saw me playing at a concert with my own band Carlton Brass. We played at a posh do at Lakeside Conference place just outside Nottingham on the way to Mansfield. I’d link to it, but I’m lazy.

I helped out a different band on Saturday morning/afternoon in Eastwood, just outside the library. Thornton’s Brass were short of a cornet player so I helped out there.

Today I’ve been blowing even more! I helped out Nottingham City Transport Band (our sister band) at a park job in Mansfield this afternoon, then I got a phone-call at 5:30 from my conductor asking how my lip was – he was conducting Rolls Royce (Derby) at a different park job in Long Eaton and they were short of a player or two also, so what was I to do? I blew for them too.

Just as well there was nothing worth watching on the telly. I enjoyed all four jobs very much, and I’m more than willing to pimp out my services to other bands in the Nottingham area, just as long as they don’t interfere with Carlton Brass jobs and rehearsals.

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