Green Tea

As time goes on I think more and more about my health. I’ve not really been eating that healthily recently, but I’m in the mood for eating more fruit and vegetables, and at least attempting to get my five portions a day.

Over the last week I’ve been introduced to green tea. One of my work colleagues, Tony, is a bit of an oriental fan and drinks a bit of the green stuff. Apparently it’s good for you, full of antioxidants, which I’m assured are beneficial to feeling good.

Well, I’m all for feeling good, so I tried it. I normally hate tea. If I drink tea it’s got to be “NATO standard” – white with two sugars, however this stuff is taken without either. To my surprise it was actually very refreshing, and whereas I couldn’t honestly say that it tastes gorgeous, it does taste quite nice. No strong flavours as such, unless you leave it longer and then it might taste a bit bitter.

Another colleague, Alan, coincidentally has a surfeit if green tea after a friend of his gave him what is turning out to be a lifetime’s supply of the stuff, so he’s given me a box of “Special Gunpowder Emami” green tea. This stuff looks like little black pellets and you don’t need very much to make a cup. In fact this 250g box will probably make me about 100 cups I should think!

Coupled with my insistence on drinking lots of water through the day and having a probiotic drink first thing in the morning I’m anticipating my innards should be getting cleansed fairly soon. Now all I’ve got to do is increase my vegetable/fruit intake and my body will indeed be a temple!

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  1. I also love this tea. I am unable to find it anymore…maybe you could help me out? I have looked everywhere. I must say that their gunpowder is the best.

  2. I actually bought a box on eBay, but I think any Chinese Supermarket will sell it fairly cheaply. I’ve even noticed that Whittards seem to be getting in on the act too, I saw some gunpowder green tea in there a few weeks ago.

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