I’ve finally got round to getting my gravatar working in my comments with Typekey. I’ve had loads of problems with Typekey not sending my email address in my comment, so that the gravatar wasn’t getting picked up. It needs the email address in order to function and I couldn’t figure out why the comment was showing “none sent” in the email column when I’d configured Typekey to send it.

Anyway, the highly-skilled Neil has come to my aid. I noticed that he was gravatar enabled too but his posters were able to show their gravatars, so I asked him how he did it. It’s actually really easy but doesn’t appear to have been picked up in the Movable Type documentation yet for version 3.2, unless I’m just blind.

I had to edit my mt-site.js template to include an extra expression – ‘&need_email=1’ – straight after the bits. There are two of them in there.

So, cheers Neil for sending that information for me – it’s much appreciated.


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