Granville Island

Yesterday it rained. It rained a lot until late afternoon when the grey lifted and we were able to enjoy the fresh air without getting drenched.

We thought about heading up one of the local mountains but when we arrived downtown we could see that there were some big, black clouds obscuring the peaks. It was snowing like buggery up there so we decided to spend some time walking around the Granville Island area instead.

There are some really interesting shops around there and a great-looking market. We also found a nice little coffee shop where we saw some fantastic art by June Harmon. She’d displayed some of her work around the walls of the cafe and I was mesmerised by one charcoal drawing of a violinist and someone playing the accordion. It turned out that she was actually there so I was able to chat to her briefly. Have a look at her gallery – her work is excellent.

We also took a walk around False Creek – a rather lovely inlet that heads into the heart of Vancouver. We walked all the way around and got some great views of downtown. The sun almost came out a couple of times too! There are lots of moored yachts to admire on the way round and I got a few good shots.


I hope to get some photos in the sunshine next time we’re in town.

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