Goose poo!

Bloody geese!

I’m lucky, in that the place where I work backs onto a rather attractive nature reserve. It’s fantastic for walks at lunchtime, or even for the occasional three mile run on an evening. There are all sorts of birds to see and it’s a great little place to spend an hour or so.

However, it presents us with a little problem every now and again. Canada Geese. These generally unwanted visitors seem to love the nature reserve. There are loads of the buggers, and they just love eating the grass on our business park. The just love to saunter about the carparks and grassy areas making a nuisance of themselves.

They’ve excelled themselves over the bank holiday weekend though. While everyone else has been away sunning themselves during a rare, sunny long weekend, these bloody geese have been indulging in a little mine-laying. When I arrived at work this morning I discovered an immense quantity of goose-provided pavement parcels. In three days those sodding Canadians have covered us in Goose Poo.


It doesn’t help that I’m mildly coprophobic. I hate poo in all its forms. I don’t want to see it or smell it, and I definitely don’t want to stand in it. Just thinking about it is making my palms sweat.

Let’s hope that site services get out some goose poo clearing gear before I head off and strangle every goose I can find.

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