Goodbye Marconi

Monday saw a sad day for one of the biggest names in Electronics, not that it was noticed by the mainstream media. On Monday Ericsson completed their acquisition of the Anglo-Italian technology firm, my employer, and Marconi ceased to exist.

I now work for Ericsson. I see this as a good thing in that they’re a much larger, truly global company with much better prospects. In the last couple of years Marconi have just about been getting by – the costs of almost going bust being too much to really make us a true player in our industry anytime in the near future. Ericsson are a perfect fit for our portfolio and I’m hoping that I’ll have an enjoyable, worthwhile job with them for years to come.

Ericsson only actually bought about 75% of Marconi. The bits that are left are now called telent – a Services company that will provide all the necessary field staff to maintain and repair telecomms networks. I hope they do well.

It’s been strange this week walking into work and noticing that all the Marconi signs have been replaced by Ericsson ones. It’ll take a while for everything to right itself and there’ll be an inevitable round of redundancies (which I’m hoping I won’t be part of!) but things are looking up.

By rutty

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