Good times

Jo and I had a little shindig on Friday to celebrate our recent nuptials. We invited friends and family to a buffet and disco at a local hotel – The Village in Chilwell.

Unfortunately, due to our subterfuge involved at our wedding three months ago we had quite a few friends, and especially family, that couldn’t make it. It’s our own fault of course. Normally weddings are planned at least a year in advance and we really didn’t give people enough notice, however we did manage to encourage 70 or so people to come and celebrate with us.

We had a great time. The DJ played some great songs, even if he did deviate somewhat from our suggested playlist at times. The food was fabulous and the staff at The Village couldn’t do enough for us. Jo looked gorgeous and I drank an awful lot of Guinness (and a little bit of Tequila).

I had a mate, Rick, perform the official photographer duties. He’s a keen amateur and from the results I’ve seen so far has done us proud. He’s got an impressive array of flashes, tripods and lenses and coped really well on the day. Cheers Rick!

Don't Look So Worried Dave (by Psycho Crow)

We’ll be sending out thank you notes to everyone soon, but in the meantime we would like to send huge thanks to everyone that came and hope that you enjoyed yourselves. We’re extremely thankful for your gifts and we’ll be spending the John Lewis and Trailfinders vouchers with some relish.

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