Good comes from the bad

What’s the worse this that you can think of happening while you’re sat at your PC? Perhaps you check your online banking and realise you’ve forgotten to pay your rent, or you notice that you seem to have acquired a virus or trojan due to some embarrassing web surfing habits. Perhaps the worse thing to happen might be that you start hearing some of these worrying noises coming from your hard drive.

Now, that’d be a killer, especially considering the lack of backups most people have of their collections of internet artistic materials.

Never mind though, gadget blog Gizmondo have been running a competition to find out who can make the best musical track made from these noises of impending PC doom. Some of the entries are excellent and the winner is strangely brilliant. Very ambient.

These sort of things are why I love the internet. The odd the bizarre nad the brilliant.

Found via BoingBoing

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