Going on Safari

I’ve never really been a fan of Apple’s internet browser. It’s never looked like it’s been finished to me, missing all sorts of features that you can find in the likes of Firefox.

However, Safari Beta 4 is starting to turn my head. It looks rather nice and seems quicker than Firefox 3. Unfortunately, I like to use Delicious to bookmark interesting sites and Safari doesn’t have a Delicious plugin.

Except: it does.

I’ve never seen DeliciousSafari linked to from the Delicious site but it only took a very quick Google to find it. How did I miss this before?

So, OK. I can save my Delicious bookmarks from Safari, but I can I sync my browser bookmarks between machines like I can with the Foxmarks plugin for Firefox?

I didn’t think that I could, but apparently the next iteration of Foxmarks, Xmarks, can.

I’ve installed both of these free plugins and they both seem to work. We’ll see if they’re as fully-featured as the Firefox versions but it’s all looking OK so far.

This doesn’t mean that I’m going to abandon Firefox but I am going to explore my options with Safari. It’s fast and uses Cover Flow to see your browser history (pretty, if not exactly a must-have). I like the current approach to the browser development, although the Windows version is an utter dog. I’ll only be using it on my iMac.

Now, let’s see if I can Google for a Safari version of the NoScript plugin…

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