Give me strength!

You know, sometimes I really should stop reading the internet. The world sometimes seems to be chock full of dickheads – take for example Sheriff Pat Hedges of San Luis Obispo County. This idiot has taken it upon himself to arrest a pharmacist for dispensing medical marijuana to a 17 year-old kid recovering from cancer.

Reason TV has a story about Owen Beck, a 17-year-old high school kid from California who got bone cancer and had to get his leg amputated. The medicine Owen was taking was making him very sick and and lost a lot of weight, so his parents decided to try medical marijuana. The marijuana greatly helped Owen, easing his pain and nausea.

The owner of the dispensary, Charlie Lynch, often gave the marijuana to Owen without charging his parents. But the local Sheriff (who doesn’t like the fact that medical marijuana is legal in his town and the state of California) called the DEA. They raided the dispensary and arrested Lynch. He’s now under house arrest, attached to an extension cord for 2 hours a day, and is facing 100 years in prison.

Apparently, medical marijuana is legal under state law but illegal under federal law. How messed up is that? And so Charlie Lynch faces jail for legally/illegally dispensing drugs. This is seriously messed up. Sheriff Pat Hedges and various Federal law enforcement agents should be bloody ashamed of themselves.

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