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Getting tubby

The Giant’s Boot

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I’m at that age when I’m starting to realise that I’m getting older. I obviously noticed my incrementingage numerically as the birthdays have come and gone, but it’s only now that I’m actually starting to feel older.

I’ve always been lucky with my weight. I could stuff in the food and never put any weight on, and now I’m finding that my trousers are starting to feel a little tighter around the middle and I’m developing a bit of a paunch, as you can see from this photo.

I’m also noticing my general lack of fitness, along with my appalling eating habits. Such are the benefits of living within 50 yards of three take-aways and a Treshers.

I’ve taken the decision to get fitter and eat better. I’m not going on a diet – sod that! – but I am going to try cooking proper food with plenty of vegetables.

I’m also going to do some exercise, something I started tonight. I’ve been for a twenty minute run, and my aim for the next few weeks is to keep doing this every time I come home from work. Five times a week re-running the same route until I feel it’s time to start doing the old three miler that I had planned out.

After a few months of that I’ll consider upping the mileage a bit more.

I’m determined to enjoy life but I do have to take some action now to make sure that I’ll be in a fit state to do so. I bit of effort now will pay dividends later.

We’ll see where this goes.

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