Getting the snip

If you were having a vasectomy would you blog about it?

Would you blog about it while it was happening? This guy did.

3:47 procedure begins. much pulling on scrotum and squeezing to identify vas. warning the local anesthetic will sting. two injections into cutaneous tissue-slight sting. injections directly into vas felt deeper and radiated into lower abdomen but honestly not as bad as I antciapted

heard snip of 3-5 mm, pulling on innards (pressure but not pain). doc started asking about worlplace. told him about [controversial proprietary work] not being popular – he was not amsued and asks why anyone is opposed to such a thing. man has now exposed my vas deferens and is cutting it. I will not argue. smell buring flesh from cauterization. elapsed time for firs t ball: 7:48

Now that’s dedication to the blogosphere!

Found via Pharyngula

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