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Getting the snip

If you were having a vasectomy would you blog about it?

Would you blog about it while it was happening? This guy did.

3:47 procedure begins. much pulling on scrotum and squeezing to identify vas. warning the local anesthetic will sting. two injections into cutaneous tissue-slight sting. injections directly into vas felt deeper and radiated into lower abdomen but honestly not as bad as I antciapted

heard snip of 3-5 mm, pulling on innards (pressure but not pain). doc started asking about worlplace. told him about [controversial proprietary work] not being popular – he was not amsued and asks why anyone is opposed to such a thing. man has now exposed my vas deferens and is cutting it. I will not argue. smell buring flesh from cauterization. elapsed time for firs t ball: 7:48

Now that’s dedication to the blogosphere!

Found via Pharyngula

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  2. What can I say? I felt bad about using my vasectomy as an excuse not to get a post out on Thursday.

    In all seriousness, I wanted to use my self-effacing account to draw attention to a relatively painless yet effective procedure that men rarely discuss amongst themselves. Judging from the blog reactions and the comment threads, we got some good dialogue going and have dispelled many myths. I’m still a little sore but I feel like I did a good thing – for my wife and for my blogging community!

    Thanks for the link!

  3. My present husband had this done and didn’t know it had even started until the surgeon said he had finished !

  4. I had a vasectomy in 1969. Doctor ask me if i still wanted it completed after one side? I said yes and he completed the other side. Twenty minutes later I was on my way home. Minor discomort and drove home.

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