Is this supposed to be good for you?

Getting faster

I measured out my run last night by driving around the streets that I go. It turned out that it’s just a smidgeon under a mile, so for all intents and purposes I’m going to call it “one mile”. Close enough for government work I think – I could run around an extra block to make up the difference, but I’m just not going to.

I gave it another run round afterwards too. That’s four days in a row and I hope to do it again tonight. This time I knocked 30 seconds off yesterday’s time and ran it in 7 minutes 55 seconds. Not a bad effort at all. I did it by really pushing harder up the first part, which is mostly uphill.

I reckon it should be fairly easy to get that down to 7 minutes dead, and I’ll be delighted if I could get it even lower, although I’ll be doing a few longer runs too to get my stamina up.

I shall be celebrating my running success by purchasing myself a healthy Chinese takeaway for tea. Yum.

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