Get some adamantium up yer

Life has been pretty hectic around here recently, resulting in reduced blog post frequency and lack of fun time. I’ve had loads going on, especially with Open University, band and work taking up most of my free time.

I’ve even found that I’m on the intertubes much less than previously, which is a distressing thing to happen to a guy at the best of times.

Still, we managed to fit in some “us” time the other weekend and decided to go and see a pleasant, little film called Wolverine.

We both liked the X-Men films, even if the third one was a little daft, and Wolverine was our favourite character from those movies. Well, he would be for Jo because she loves Australian men for some reason – I just liked him for his impressive lambers.

Wolverine, the film, is an impressive affair. It fills in quite a bit of backstory hinted at from the X-Men films so far and does the fight scenes with plenty of guts and glory. Logan’s Brother is brilliantly played by Liev Schreiber and much of the supporting cast are as butch, and as funny, as you’d hope.

It takes itself a little too seriously, perhaps, but I think it’s the best X-Men film so far. Ace.

As this is an “X-Men Origins” film, you have to wonder who they’re going to do next. I’m thinking an Xavier/Magneto double header (they were friends in the past). I’d go see that, for sure.

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