Fscking kids!

I’ve spent the weekend up at my mum’s, seeing as I like her and she feeds me. It’s nice to go see the old folks regularly.

Unfortunately there was a small incident last night involving my car and a teen boy. Thankfully I wasn’t driving my car at the time (it was parked outside my mum’s house) but this little shit of a kid was certainly mobile. He was hurtling around out on the street on one of those crappy scooter things (push-along job rather than motorised) and he had a small accident which resulted in him leaving a dent in my car.

It’s not a very large dent, but up until that point my car was relatively dent-free. Now it’s got an ugly intrusion in it’s smooth curves.

This lad hasn’t got away with it. He injured himself falling into my car (serves him right) and we took him home to see his mum, who has promised to pay for the repairs. It shouldn’t cost much – they should be able to just pop it out without having to resort to any major repainting or anything. Still, it hasn’t helped my in-built hatred of teens….

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