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Fly like a fly

I love it when science dreams up bizarre experiments. Let’s imagine a common house fly watching an Imax cinema wearing electrodes and having it’s brain patterns monitored by bespectacled geeks with clipboards and white overcoats.

This is exactly what is happening at the moment as scientists are trying to understand how the fly, er, flies. Flys, you see, are as thick as mince and yet can outmanoeuvre the most advanced aircraft built by the finest minds of humanity. You don’t see F35s flying into windows constantly, well not very often, but you get the point. Flys have less computational power than the average toaster and have an incredible flying ability that these scientists are trying to understand.

Their idea is to monitor the brainwaves (not that there’s much to detect) of the fly while it watches a film of a flight of a fly from the first fly perspective, if you see what I mean. They hope to decipher how the fly flies without having much in the way of central processing power, unlike the F35 that needs something akin to Big Blue to keep it airborne.

How this will help mankind I have no idea. I hear that the next experiment involves measuring the brainwaves of mice to determine how the eat cheese.

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