Flag waving patriotism

I’ve had a couple of really good concerts over the last couple of nights. Friday night’s was a Trafalgar Day job in Lambley Village Hall and tonights was in the TA Centre in Carlton. Two different events with different reasons but both had a healthy injection of British patriotic music.

It’s funny, I’ve often thought that we Brits are almost ashamed of our country, or it seems that way sometimes. I feels sometimes that some people think it unnecessary or even unpleasant to be patriotic about your country, this country. However, the Yanks love all that flag waving “we’re the best” stuff and even though I think they go totally overboard about it all I’m starting to think that perhaps us Brits should at least acknowledge the greatness in our Country and be proud of where we come from, regardless of the obvious flaws with it.

I’m typing all this out because the patriotic music we played tonight – Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem etc – went down a storm. Even the non-military audience in Lambley loved it too. They all had their little Union Jacks and waved them around like it was the Jubilee.

I know there are many people out there that do love Britain and I’m pleased that they do. I just wish that we’d show it more often.

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