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Five reasons why I blog?

Sarah has very kindly blogged me with this t’internet meme:
write five reasons for blogging.

So, I have to think up five reasons? Not just “because I can”?

OK then:

1: Because I can ;¬)
2: I like to write, although I’m often too busy to do so. I’ve been especially lazy with my blogging this year and keep meaning to write more here
3: I like to share the occasional photo of mine here. Same for shite jokes that I get sent
4: It’s nice having an internet presence, a homepage. It’s definitely better to have a blog than some crappy “my homepage” self-written HTML nightmare with spinning GIFs and obnoxious backgrounds. And huge MIDI files that take a week to download before playing loud, annoying tunes that stick in your head
5: If I didn’t blog then my family would never know what I’m getting up to!

OK, got to find 5 more people to send this to.

Toxie – just to annoy him
Aine – one of my favourite bloggers
Morgaine – been following her and Aine around the internet for a while!
Barefoot Boo – would like to see her posting again
Bigmouth Strikes Again – Journo and amusing blogger.

There you go. All done

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