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2010 was a spectacularly good year for me – loads of good things happened (bought our own house, bringing up a beautiful baby girl, continue to be married to an amazing woman) but there was one stinker among fragrant loveliness of the year: redundancy.

Ericsson discarded me at the end of September after ten years worth of service. That hurt. A lot. Still, they gave me a nice pay-off and I wish the company well in the future (mostly so they don’t cock up my pension).

I was fortunate enough to find a new job just three weeks later. I now work for Atos Origin, an IT services company, and I’m based right here in Beeston. Their building is even on the same site I worked on previously with Marconi and Ericsson! I can see our old building out of the window.

I have remained in testing (my current role is a Test Analyst) but I am no longer working in telecommunications. There goes 22 years experience. Still, over recent years my job has concentrated more on the IT side of things anyway and I’m finding my current project more of an extension of that.

I work in Test Services so could theoretically work with clients anywhere in the UK. I’ve lucked in with my first project, though, as I’m working out of the Atos building in Beeston (only 15 minutes walk away from home) on a long-term assignment.

This is very much a functional testing role, and there’s not much technical knowledge needed (very process-based web testing) but I’m very much enjoying the new challenge.

Happy days!

The pic, by the way, is of an Atos Origin mug. They have a fish as their corporate symbol. I’m not entirely sure why

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