Festival of Lights

As I was saying yesterday, Vancouver seems to have an extraordinary quantity of rain. We’ve had one day of sunshine so far but we’ve also had some pretty persistent drizzle since. It’s almost like we’re at home. However, we’re not letting that get us down as we’re still getting out and about.

I had a few hours of internet time yesterday while Jo and Jen were off out looking at wedding dresses (for them not us!). When they returned we headed downtown to take in some of the local sights. The traffic in Vancouver is appalling. From all accounts the city has a hideously outdated road layout that just can’t cope with the sheer weight of traffic and so the daily commute is an utter nightmare. It took quite a while to head downtown because of this, plus the fact that there seems to be a large percentage of discourteous, clueless drivers.

Anyway, we managed to park up somewhere near Canada Place which is one of the main harbours in Vancouver. It’s also the home of a very impressive exhibition centre, some very expensive hotels and an absolutely spectacular view back towards downtown Vancouver, as you can see here: View from Canada Place

It had started drizzling when I took this shot but I’d managed to attach my gorillapod to a railing and get some decent photos off before my camera got too wet. After testing the waterproofing of our coats we decided to grab some food and a little beer so we visited a local bar.

After a rather good bowl of chilli and some local brews we headed back out into the increasing levels of precipitation. We ended up at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens in order to see the rather impressive Festival of Lights. The gardens looked really impressive and they’d spent a hell of a lot of time and money dressing everything in sight with thousands upon thousands of pretty lights.

Festival of lights

The rain was persisting rather a lot at this point but I could hardly refuse to try and get some shots of this spectacle. It was tricky to get anything taken with the lack of places to attach my gorillapod so some of my shots were taken while leaning up against a nearby tree. The photo above was helped by a nearby bench so I could wrap the gorillapod around the armrest.

The lights were gorgeous so it’s a shame that it was raining so hard. My Helly Hansen coat does appear to be very waterproof though, which is nice.

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