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Famous at last!

Famous at last! Day 62

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A little while ago I left a comment in a discussion on one of the Canon groups. A guy from What Digital Camera Magazine was asking people’s opinions on the Canon EOS 400D.

Luckily for me, my comment was chosen to be in the mag, and here it is! They even sent me a free copy! Plus, they used one of my 365days portraits as my little icon thing!

The bridge picture there is one I took of Pulteney Bridge in Bath. One of my favourites – going to have to do a load more long exposure shots like that.

The magazine looks really good too. There’s a whole section devoted to Flickr, including some profiles of a few Flickrites.

Did I mention that I’m in it too?

  1. Cheers ;¬)

    I do tend to hide my light under a bushel sometimes. Who’d have thought that I’d be so keen on photography eh?

    You know, perhaps I should post about it a bit more. Like , two or three times a day or something

  2. I suppose I should have picked up on it when you got your equipment out in my sitting room that time you visited ( without asking if it was all right wirh me, if you please)

    Whose bushel are you holding your light under and more importantly does your girlfriend mind ?

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