Falling apart

My old, aching body is just falling to bits.

I’ve been thinking that I need to be fitter. I’ve been thinking this for years. I have little spurts of physical activity (steady now double entendre fans)  where I go for a run, get really, really stiff as a result and then don’t do it again for a while. I have a number of posts on here on that very subject.

I’m now 38 and I’ll be 39 in June. Not far to 40! I’ve been putting on a bit of weight, although I’m still within normal limits. I’ve been finding that I lose my breath while climbing the stairs at work and I’ve been feeling quite lethargic for some time. I need to get fitter.

We bought a cross-trainer but we haven’t really used it much since we bought it. We had a good few weeks of regular training then we went on holiday and have hardly been on it since. Thankfully, things are changing.

I’ve started to play football every Wednesday at work. We have a sports and social club with some footy pitches and we usually get 8 or 9 a-side going for an hour. I’ve been for the last three weeks and I’ve ended up with multiple injuries each time I’ve been. The first week I got a kick on the ankle and a massive bruise on my right arm. The second week I managed to pull a muscle – during the warm-up! I had to play most of the game in goal. Yesterday I thought I’d got away without hurting myself but my neck is stiffer than it’s ever been and I can hardly turn my head.

So, is this even good for me? Well, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. I’ve always been a bit rubbish at football but it’s a fun way to run around for an hour. There are plenty of people playing that are just as bad as I am so it’s not like I’m embarrassing myself or anything.

Jo has made a star chart at home! For every act of fitness we perform we get a star. For some reason she gets a star for ten minutes on the cross-trainer and a whole hour playing football only earns be the same reward. That doesn’t seem fair to me, especially as I’m losing in the star chase at the moment.

I have no idea what the prize is for the winner but I do intend to spend some time on the cross-trainer too, as well as doing some sit-ups and press-ups. I will get fitter! Even if it kills me, and it probably will.

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