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Exploding baby causes concern

Events at the weekend caused some concern for a Yorkshire family in Leeds. A family meal was interrupted by the sudden and unexpected explosion of a small child.

The child in question, “J”, was sat in a high-chair and had just completed a nice Sunday meal along with the rest of her family. She suddenly raised her arms in the air and went very red in the face for a few seconds before exploding. The destruction was all below the surface however, so there was no damage to surrounding furniture or to those close by.

There were a number of casualties. It is understood that one nappy required destruction, a t-shirt and pair of trousers were in a dire need of immediate removal and a large quantity of soap suddenly went missing.

One witness, an Uncle of J, was heard to be saying “I’m not bloody sorting THAT out” and also “…and they wonder why I don’t have any kids”.

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