At the moment I’m car-less.

I was driving down the M1 on Bank Holiday Monday when I started to lose power from the engine. Luckily I was in the left-hand lane and pulled over, whereupon my car conked out and wouldn’t start again.

The AA were summoned and he initially thought that some pipe or other had fallen off as there was a nasty-sounding sucking noise coming from the engine when I turned it over. It seemed that the engine was choked due to excessive exhaust fumes.

After further investigations it turns out that there weren’t enough exhaust fumes exiting the exhaust, so there was a blockage somewhere, most likely in the catalytic converter. He towed me to my local garage (obviously shut on a bank holiday) and we walked home from there (only a minute or two).

Unfortunately it also turns out that my local mechanic is on holiday, as the bugger never opened his garage yesterday and it’s still shut today too. Arse. I can’t drive it to another garage because it’d never make it, so it looks like I’m stuffed for this week. It’s just as well I can walk to work.

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