Evolving. Slowly.

I’m taking a naturalistic approach to this site’s design at the moment. I’m trying different things out and seeing if I like them – assuming the site still works afterwards of course.

I subscribe to the rather excellent Smashing Magazine and they had a great post about textures and patterns in web design a little while ago. Some of the sites featured in that article made great use of backgrounds, something that was somewhat passé only a short time ago. I figured I could use something similar for this blog and went off to BgPatterns to have a go at creating my own.

I made an orangey tile that makes a wallpaper-like pattern over the background. I quite like it and started to faff about with transparent settings in the site CSS along with changing the site width and positioning.

The problem with this approach is that I made quite a few small changes to the CSS without once checking that the site still worked in Internet Explorer. I did most of the changes while working on my iMac so I don’t even have the opportunity to check IE from there anyway, however I got a text from my Dad this afternoon wondering why my blog was being obscured by a large, white sheet of whiteness.

I’d succeeded in buggering it up and this was largely down to my own ineptitude at coding with CSS. It’s also a problem that IE has its own idea how CSS works and most designs have little IE-specific workarounds to cope with this. The template for this design has such a workaround but this didn’t work well with the changes I’d made to the width of the site.

I’ve fixed it now so the site should display almost how I want it to in IE. Somehow the site is centred in IE but I wanted it left-aligned – pretty much how it’s being displayed in Firefox. No doubt I’ll take the organic approach to fixing these problems and cope with them as they arrive.

It’s at times like these that I’m glad I’m not a professional designer.

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